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Jove 7th Oct


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Very good, I've reached my limit for now I feel, as I need a tracking mount to avoid all the vibration and blurred frames. But with clear sky and Jupiter being so beautiful atm, I'm still keen to capture what ever I can for a manual stacking, which'll take ages...............

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Thanks for the comments

Brian this is with the calibrated PC & monitor

I've a feeling it may be down to the daylight lamp 6400K I'm using in the office

I'm going to try a calibration without the lamp on


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Hi nice image could you post a png or bmp possibly with just the second wavelet on reg 5 applied just before any noise appears,in other words keep pulling the wavelet back just untill all noise or all grain is gone, just a combined RGB not RRGB would be good, would love to have a play with it if you was up for it, no worrys if its too much hassle, theres good detail there

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This was harder than i suspected due to the low frame count, not really happy with it but i tried. Pulled some detail out of the SEB. I used a colour destaurated green as a luminence with the RGB, Processed on image analyzer using frequency domain Filter for noise reduction, circular blur deconvolution, motion blur deconvolution and colour saturation. sharpening unsharp mask the gimp, aligned on k3 ccd tools and tweaked on reg 5. Could have pulled more out but didnt want it looking too noisy.


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