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A few more DSO's


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Hi Mark

If I recall each image was constructed from about 40 subs of 30 seconds. Taken on a Celestron C9.25, with Atik Titan and Focal reducer. Initial processing done using Maxim and PS CS3

The images were then combined using Microsoft Ice (first time I used that)

Do I mind that you tweaked it? Hell no! tweak away looks 100% better than my attempt.

Can you tell me what you did to bring out so much data so I can do it myself in future?



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Dave that's a huge amount of detail for 30 second subs!

I've not heard of Microsoft Ice before. I'll have a look. I've been using PixInsight which is very complex to begin with but thankfully there are tutorial videos :( I used it to touch up the image. Firstly applied an AutomaticBackgroundExtraction tool which has the effect of boosting the signal by removing the background noise you don't need. I then applied an HDRWavelet transform which acts like an unsharp mask bringing out the detail.

You can do the same in PS :-

  1. open the image & duplicate the background to another layer.
  2. apply an Filters->Sharpen->Unsharp Mask. Play with the settings until the detail sharts to show nicely but ignore the effect on the central area and stars for now. Once you're happy Ok it.
  3. Then add a layer mask (hide all) to this duplicated layer.
  4. Select a brush, white, and paint on this layer over the detail that you want to bring out - and hey presto the detail is there but where you don't use the brush (over the stars) they aren't changed.

You can turn the duplicate layer on and off to compare the changes you've made with the original background until you're happy.

I generally find though that I can't quite get PS to give me the outcome I want - it's down to my (lack of) skill I think. PI has saved a lot of time and effort - worth a look.

All the best


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