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Howdy All from Lanarkshire Scotland.


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Hey guys I'm Aussie (Cant believe that username wasn't taken), just wanted to say hi to everyone.

I was pondering what to get myself as a birthday treat when I came up with the idea of getting into astronomy. So I bought myself a nice "little" Explorer-130 Telescope on a EQ2 Mount, and a lens set (think its called revelation something) I Bought this scope so that I can familiarise myself with Telescopes and the mount before upgrading to somthing a bit nicer. And the lenses were again to familiarise myself with them too.

Can I just say that this is by far the friendliest forum I have ever joined. Even the most critical comment I read on here was a positive one. I look forward to getting to know everyone and reading all the posts.

Aussie. :o

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Hi Aussie,

There are plenty of folks from around the Glasgow and Edinburgh areas on here so you are not the only one suffering the pain of cloudy night after cloudy night.

You will be going some though to read all the posts LOL :-)

Hope you enjoy your new scope and welcome to the forum.

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Hi Aussie and welcome to the forum.

This forum is certainly very friendly, very helpful and the participants are also generous with their time in helping newcomers into this subject with the construction of various guides and instructions (stickies).

Look forward to receiving your questions and in the meantime have fun with your new kit!

Clear skies


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