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Thinking of leaving the scope out for the winter


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We have a nice circular patio which is home to the table and chairs during the summer but is now vacant. Last year i was always finding it a hassle to grab the scope from garage and get it through the house and finally fight off the dog in the kitchen. Only then to have to wait for everything to cool down etc.

My plan is to setup the tripod and mount with a good alignment and fix the legs down in a semi-permanent fashion. It would be wrapped and then covered with a nice soft-lined motorcycle cover which i have in the garage and maybe a few bungee cords for good measure. Would of course remove the motor-drive (when i can finally get a replacement) and any other quick to remove items leaving only the tripod, mount and tube outside.

I really feel i would have got a lot more use from my scope last winter if it was always "ready to go", what do you guys think?

I have a secure garden and live 10 miles from the coast, scope is a SW130p on standard mount and tripod.

I would estimate I will get an extra 60% more viewing with it outside 24/7 but would it be worth it for the extra wear and tear of leaving it to the elements over winter?

Long story short is it a good idea ?

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I wouldn't leave any astro gear out in the elements. Garage or shed yes - but not on the patio. The 130 ain't that big - and only takes 5 mins to set up.

I think the problem's a bit deeper - see a therapist to explore your "motivation levels" lol. :o

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i agree, surely setting up a 130p is no hardship? i have the 200 p and i can usually get set up in under 15 minutes, i certainly wouldn't leave my scope out during the winter,maybe just practice setting up a bit so it becomes second nature???

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Setting up isn’t a really issue, i normally keep it all together but it has to live in the garage and with the layout of my house it means everything is carted though 3 rooms.

The other advantage was no aligning being needed.

Ok so a cover and bungee is a no-go :o I'm coming across as a little lazy yeah? lol

Maybe its time to invest in a small shed, would stand out like a sore thumb in the middle of the patio though ( very limited on space in the garden because of a high tree line on the south side and the house on the north side).

Any other ideas for creating a good weather proof cover ?

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I used to leave my Heq5 pro mounted on a pier 24/7 all year round , i just made sure it was covered up correctly (couple of microfleece towels around the mount and then a bbq cover over the top) and never had a problem.

All i did was pop the scopes on it when i came home to cool down and when i was ready to go so was the scope :o

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