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Ioptron minitowers: imaging weight limits

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Hi All,

I'm thinking about getting one of the Ioptron minitower mounts. There are two versions, the standard one with a quoted load capacity (on one side) of just over 11kg and the pro version which will take around 15kg.

I would like to be able to put an ED120 on it and use it for visual observations and webcam imaging of the sun. The ED120 weight ~8.5kg with tube rings and accessories, maybe a bit less without eyepieces and diagonals.

I know that imaging weight limits are usually somewhat lower than the quoted capacity of the mount, but I've always assumed this would be more critical for deep sky imaging (which I don't need to do), than for planetary stuff. So, my question is:

Would I be OK putting an ED120 on the standard minitower, or do I really need the pro version?

Thanks in advance...

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If someone knows the answers to such questions, I'm always interested. :o

I have performed basic (satisfactory) imaging tests, with a MK150 (6kg) + ST102 (4kg), but with a Watec Video Camera - So LONG exposures are not needed / anticipated here! The scopes are individually lighter, lever-arms shorter etc.

Despite being VERY happy with my Standard Mini-Tower, many of these issues seem slightly wreathed in opinion / controversy - Particularly the relative merits of the Std. and Pro. mounts. It's still an "experimental science"? <G> The (two) Yahoo groups may furnish a more definitive answer:

Mini_Tower : Mini Tower

ioptron : iOptron Telescopes and Mounts

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