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Imaging with film

Nick P

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I am mulling over taking guided/unguided shots with a film camera piggy backed, doing my own developing, then scanning the results into my computer for adjustments in photoshop.

I particularly like the idea of using a large format (5x4) camera to do it!

Is any one still imaging using film? if you are what do you find the advantages / disadvantages to be? can colours be picked up on slide film? can multiple scans be used for stacking to get extra resolution?

Am I going off on a wild goose chase!?

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I used film and OM1 cameras for over 15 years.

Getting the film and having it processed (properly) is an issue today.

The resolution is similar to a CCD with 20 micron pixels.

Multi scanning the same negative doesn't add any data so no improvement of noise etc. You need multiple exposures; these can be scanned and digitally processed like "normal" digital images.

Jack Martin still uses B&W film for spectroscopy due to the better response in the UV- Blue region.


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We were parked next to somebody at Kielder last year that was still using film. He was taking one hour exposures and the results were pretty good. Remember that film has the reciprocal failure thing so it gets less sensitive as the exposure goes on and also it is only 20% as sensitive as a CCD anyway. Personally I struggle to see any advantages to using film - It s not very sensitive, you need VERY long exposures, getting them developed is tricky and time consuming and finally you dont get to see the results till they are developed, how peeved would you be to find after a one hour exposure that your focus was out! Oh and you would not be able to use things like focus masks either!

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