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Hello everyone, i've been a member on here for a short while now before deciding to buy a skywatcher 200p dob which i must say is a fantastic scope for starting out with.

I've wanted to get into Astronomy for some years now but never took the plunge into purchasing a new scope and finding out the neccessary knowledge to get into this game

I must say i think this forum is a great place to start before considering to buy a new scope and i feel that it made me make the right decision when buying a scope for the first time - all i need now is a range of ep's and i'm ready to do some serious Astronomy :o

Many Thanks


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Hi Griff and welcome to the forum.

I would argue that this forum is almost essential to get you started and to avoid the pitfalls of poor performing kit or unnecessary purchases. Having said that, some of the discussions appearing on here can also be incredibly seductive on the pocket when members report on their recent acquisitions - In order to avoid the problems inherent with drooling, you might first want to invest in a bib to avoid any further embarrassment!!! (...I did)

Clear skies


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