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Cleaning corrector

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Anyone have any tips/advice. My corrector is pretty filthy and ive taken the advice on ost websites to leave it alone. Now after 3 years or so it really does need to be cleaned. to say im bricking it is an understatement. Anyone tried this? Ive looked at all the stuff i can find on the web but most of the solutions recomended only seem to be available in US. What do you guys use and what would you never use?


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If we are talking about cleaning the front of a corrector lens, I suggest a mix of three parts distilled water, one part Isopropyl Alcohol (from the chemist) and several balls of surgical cotton-wool. Moisten the cotton wool and use short, gentle strokes - replace the cotton wool frequently. Be careful not to over-wet the cotton wool and, tilt the lens down so that water cannot run inside the tube.

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The 3rd party is the best option, however the IPA solution that steve recommends works great as long as you are VERY careful. Use a bulb blower to remove most of the loose stuff first then use cotton swabs moistened (NOT dripping!) with IPA solution to gently wipe away the remaining gunk. Work in straight lines away from the central obstruction to the outside. Dont use the same swab again as it might have gunk on it which will scratch your corrector so make sure you have a good supply at hand. It's not as bad as you think, and once you've started it's only a 30 minute job tops. My most important tip is dont over clean, just get off what you can, if you have stubborn dirt dont rub at it, let the IPA soak it a little then gently wipe it away. Oh and no wire wool!!

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