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Hello from Texas with horrible droning on...


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Morning all,

A bit of background ....

I was born in the late 60's the Houston area where both of my parents where employed by NASA. My father was a project engineer on ablative shielding and lunar accent rocket motors and my mother was a lab microbiologist testing astronaut samples (I think we all know what "sample" means in this context) and latter lunar samples. This exposure to NASA at such a young age has had dire consequences on my adult life.

Hi. I'm Rusty and I am an amateur science addict.

I say amateur because I was brutally attacked by the art of theatre when I was a teen and choose a life in theatre over engineering et.al.....much to the chagrin of my parents who paid for my college anyway. Although my technical inclination did lead me to specialize in the application of large motion control and robotic systems for live performance.

Unfortunately my current home city of Dallas is a light pollution nightmare and, with northern Texas being fairly flat, a drive of 100+ miles is required for reasonably dark skies....extreme suckage. Thus most of my observing is robotic with Lightbuckets

as the major supplier of the images required by this horrible addiction.

I look forward to meet other addicts in the hopes of expanding my knowledge and comparing notes.

Observing the absurd magnificence of the universe...gazing across space and time...is a thing beyond compare.


Ps. Sorry to drone on like that...I blame the theatre.

PPs. My family skipped out of Suffolk in 1783 and I cannot be held responsible for any debts or prison time incurred before they split. If they did owe your family money...drinks are on me.

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Well the full name is Carroll Russell Mayhew...but my father goes by Carroll so I was Russell....that was shortened to Rusty about six seconds later and just stuck. I have an uncle: Dusty Rhodes. Tis a silly family.

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A warm welcome to the SGL Forum Rusty. A hundred miles to find dark skies must be daunting for you. Are there any Amateur Star Parties you can get to visit occasionally ?

I think it's great your parents are part of the huge nasa organisation. The world is in awe of what has been achieved over the years, and more to come too. I would love to see a return to the moon, I think it is a natural step to take before planning a mars venture.


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