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How To Use A Nikon D3000?

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well i got a Nikon D3000 yesterday and i was thinking any one can tell me how to use this type of camera with my ETX-125 because i have no clue how to use these types of cameras on a telescope.

As well i only got the body part and the parts needed for it to go onto the telescope but it keeps on ( Needs Lens ) and i do not kno wat to do then.

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Go into the Menu and find the focus setting, should give you a manual focus option, select that and you should be OK, well that is how the D60 works, and the D3000 should not be too different from the menu point of view. Have a look in the manual and see what it says about manual focus.

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If you are only using a T-mount to attach to the telescope you shouldn't need to worry about autofocus being a problem. It will detect there is no autofocus lens attached. Using a Bahtinov mask to focus the image once the camera is properly attached is the best way. There is a Bahtinov Mask Generator online. Just type in your scope details and print it off. Laminate, then cut out the slots. I can now focus my Nikon D300 in a few minutes using one of those.

Extremely cheap, simple but oh so effective.

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