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which scope swe 130p or skymax 127

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Hi, my partner decided she wantrs a scope of her own to get into astronomy but does not want to do it manualy would rather a computerised mount, which scope would be better?

Skywatcher Skymax 127 SynScan AZ GOTO


Sky-Watcher Explorer-130P SynScan AZ GOTO

and if you dont mind, bieng new to astronomy Im not sure what the major differences between the both would be like visualy other than the FOV would be less in the skymax. so if someone could explain what she could realisticly see and what each is capable of if there is much of a difference at all? i would be very gratefull, also would you see dso better in the skymax? or are dso better through the 130? and would there be a major diff in planet detail between the two? many thanks and sorry for all the questions :o


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I can only speak for the 130 as an ex user of it. Its as good a tube as you will find at the price and will show planets quite well along with deep sky stuff. As an all rounder its probably one of the best budget scopes around and theres no shortage of people who will sing its praises (and who have started with the same scope in one of its various guises).

Bear in mind neither scope will show hubble like views. You can get an idea of how the 130 will do planets from the pic below of Satuirn taken with a 130 and then cleaned up a bit to give a fairly realistic view of what your eyeball shoudl see.

Downsides to it are collimation. All reflectors need collimation periodically which causes many newbies to tear their hair out. Its actually simple enough but it can be unnerving for the tyro astronomer.

With that said a small tube like the 130 wont need all that much in the way of collimation.

The Skymax 127 - it has its admirers for sure. It should be better on planets but will do worse on deep sky because of its narrow field of view. It shouldnt ever need to be collimated unless its dropped or bashed very badly.

Depending on what scopes you already own and your girlfiends interests could swing it either way. For instance if you have a a reflector already then the 127 would make a good companion as a travel scope or just as an alternate scope for planetary and lunar work.


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If the 130P is the f/5 version then I would suggest the 127 instead. The 127 will be easier with regards eyepieces.

For the wider fields of view get a 32 or 40mm eyepiece and consider the wide angle versions of eyepieces. Basically select an eyepiece to deliver a bigger field of view. Look round the web and see who sells what in the budget you are thinking of.

With the 130P (if it is f/5) then to get 130x you need a 5mm, to get more you need a shorter eyepiece still. Eyepieces in this area need to be good and so are more expensive.

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Or you can simply use a 10mm with a 2x Barlow to give the same effect as a 5mm.

Another vote for the 130 here too.. Second everything A-B has to say. My first scope as well. For the money, cannot be beaten.

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