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A useful cheapo tip for slipping rings..


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Suffering as I was from rings slightly to large for tube I did a spot of head scratching..

I then found the perfect material for bushing them out.. An old mouse mat..The cheap 99p for two ones are the best.. just cut strips to fit and place in the rings.. No need to glue them to the rings.. they dont go anywhere thanks to the neophrene on the back..If you want the tube fixed solid so it cant rotate then just pull the cotton cover off the other side and it will lock firm to the tube..

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There is also the wooden rings that are used in embroidery. They work quite well as well - available in a variety of sizes...

These things stop the scope slipping down in the rings, usually when the scope is being rotated in the rings for a better viewing position at the EP, but should work for your situation as well.


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Have been terrified of the tube slipping out when rotating the tube for better EP position, so I've fitted a sling,which runs from the TOP of the rear ring,around the bottom of the tube,, and secures to the BOTTOM of the rear ring, then tube could be vertical (It,s never going to be)and still not slide out,one thing less to fret about.The sling can be lengthend or shortened by using plenty of Velcro,Must learn. how to post pictures

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