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Hi everyone,

After much time planning and developing, I am proud to announce the lastest addition to the Isee Stars site, printing and framing of your images. The system lets you preview your prints and frames with your images in place so you can see exactly how the final result will look. I can currently supply black ash, silver, beech and clip frames and can also provide you with just photo quality prints of your images. You can choose whether you want one full size a4 image per page, 2 1/2 a4 size images, 4 1/4 a4 size images or 2 1/4 a4 size and 1 1/2 a4 size image per page.

You can order simply and easily at: http://iseestars.net/?pgid=prints from here you can also play around with your images and see how they will look before actually placing the order. There's also a price list offering discounts for multiple orders.

My aim isn't to compete with the high street shops that can do you photo quality digital prints at 6"x4", I want to offer larger size prints so that you can enjoy your images hanging on your walls.

Hopefully James and Ant can vouch for the quality of the prints I can deliver, if anybody is interested then feel free to order directly from the Isee Stars site or email me at contact@iseestars.net or pm me on here with any questions.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Grant when i eventually take an image thats worth printing i will contact you to do some business.

Also i do hope that this venture really takes off for you.

Having someone print your images that actually understands the concept of astroimaging will be a big

bonus to us imagers.

Good luck.

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Hopefully James and Ant can vouch for the quality of the prints I can deliver

I can certainly vouch for your prints Grant, i received some prints from Grant just over a week ago i was expecting good prints for maybe sticking away in a folder but what i received were Top quality prints much better than jessopes or boot's prints i suspect with the knowledge of knowing these are Astronomical Images plays an important factor too unlike the prints you get from high street printers/photo developers. The prints are now in pride and place hung up in my living room and i will be asking Grant for somemore prints in frames very soon so i can have more images up on the walls of my home and some for my friends and family esp with christmas coming up.

Good luck Grant!


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The one thing that grant has failed to mention is that on his system it looks at the image selected and warns you if the resolution is not high enough for the selected print size...

The final print is always going to be limited by the original quality of the image.

The few that I have had printed came out really well...

Once I take something worth printing I'll be getting mine done.


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