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Jupiter + satellites, Sept 21st


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Thanks for the comments.

Yes Karlo, the seeing was very variable on that night ranging from pretty good to dire over very timescales. I've got one set in particular that shows a very sharp Jupiter only to be followed by wobbly as if the kettle had just come to the boil underneath the planet.

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Yes, it's not been brilliant down here over for the last week or so. Looks like the clouds may clear this evening though. At the moment its lashing it down with high wind, which I guess is pretty much the story for a lot of the UK.

Someone once mentioned to me that the seeing is always rubbish after the passage of an active front. An active front had been passing through during the day but with the first clear skies in a long time, I decided to go for it anyway and was greeted with good seeing :icon_salut:

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No. In fact it hold collimation so well that I often find that even after removing the corrector for cleaning, it requires no further adjustment on reassembling the scope.

I do check collimation quite often though just in case it has shifted.

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Wow Pete! A beautiful image. The contrast between the satellites is amazing - liked earlier quip about Ganymede looking like Mars through their refractor - that is exactly it LOL. I must say Pete you are a great advertisement for the capabilities of the C14 and SKYnyx!! - superb imaging skills apart that is!! Just stunning.:o

Best regards,


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