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Suggested reading?

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I assume you mean astronomy related etc?

The most recent book on all things astro related that i have read was Bill Bryson's: "A Short History Of Nearly Everything".

While not the most scientific book ever written (it doesnt claim to be), it really does deal with physics/astro physics in a way that is both fun and educational.

You will find yourself laughing heartedly at parts of it and thinking to yourself "WOW.....i didnt know that" at other parts.

It really is a good resource for understanding the universe around us in layman terms.

P.S.~~~Do you know what fog is?

According to Bill:"fog is is simply a cloud that has lost the will to float".

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If you want to learn the technical side ( and have a basic understanding of physics) then i'd suggest Fundamental Astronomy by Karttunen. It has everything you'll ever need to know. Although it is quite a challenging read so be warned.

Hope this helps, Steve

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Fair enough, what level are you at? beginner or amatuer ( i assume not an expert, sorry if im wrong)

The Backyard Astronomers Guide by Dickinson & Dyer is a good book. Its one of those books that offers advice, tips and instruction for everyone.

It covers everything from choosing telescopes or binoculars to maintaining and accessorising, to a few detailed star charts.

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I really enjoyed Seeing in the Dark: How Backyard Stargazers Are Guarding Earth from Interplanetary Peril by Timothy Ferris

I listened to it as an audio book from Audible.com it was narrated by the author. It is a good mix of personal recollections and history and anecdotes about other astronomers. A really relaxing read (listen).

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