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Any ideas what this is like ?

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Ive got a startravel 102. Skywater f/5 GOTO telescope

This is some of the contents of mine -

Highest Practical Power (Potential): x204

Objective Lens Diameter: 102mm

Telescope Focal Length: 500mm (f/5)

. Its good. But havent used it massively to be honest. Ive bought a tmb 6mm ep. Which is really good. Ive found a lot better than the standard ones with it.

But I have found a good deal on a - (its cheap and was wondering if I could use it for better magnification on planets etc. And good for a 2nd scope ? )

Seben Star Sheriff

1000-114 Reflector

Convincing Facts:

  • Aperture: 114mm
  • Focal Length: 1000mm (catadioptric system)
  • Faintest discernable stars: 12.8M! (over 2,250,00 Stars visible!!!)
  • Dawes Limit: 1,21 arc-seconds
  • Focal Ratio: f/9
  • Eyepieces: 31.7mm (1.25”)

  • Magnification normal:
    SR4mm/250x, SR6mm/167x, H12,5mm/80x, H20mm/50x
  • Magnification with Barlow-Lens:
    SR4mm/500x, SR6mm/334x, H12,5mm/160x, H20mm/100x
  • Mount: EQ
  • Weight: 11.00 kg
  • Extendable for Astrophotography, solar observing etc. because of its 31,7mm (1,25”) accessory-holes

This offer includes:

  • 1x Seben Star Sheriff 1000-114 Reflector Telescope

Furthermore you receive the following accessory without paying one cent extra:

  • Eyepiece 31.7mm (1.25“) H20
  • Eyepiece 31.7mm (1.25“) H12.5
  • Eyepiece 31.7mm (1.25“) SR6
  • Eyepiece 31.7mm (1.25“) SR4
  • Barlow-Lens 31.7mm (1.25“)
  • Sturdy, vertically-adjustable Tripod
  • Equatorial Mount (EQ)
  • Finder Scope 5x24
  • 31.7mm (1.25“) Moon Filter
  • 31.7mm (1.25“) 1,5x Erecting Eyepiece
  • Seben Electronic Motor Drive INCLUDED !!!

Color, Parts and Design can vary depending on the production.

I really appreciate any honest thoughts >? Thank you very much.

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Seben are not a very reputable company, they use cheap optics and poor mounts, as far as i have read you'll just get a wobbly mount with a toilet-roll tube telescope....Its not all about magnification remember :icon_salut: i see more detail at low mag than i do at high mag (and i use an 80mm scope!)

If you want my honest opinion (and its built up on research from various reading and understanding)......STEER WELL CLEAR.

Hope that helps,


PS > Save your money and wait for something a little more well known to crop up :( remember you will never get picture like quality and colour from a scope! ;) Only photographs will show a lot of detail through processing and stacking images.

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Hi, it's not easy to be certain about this, but I'd be wary of the Seben scope,

for the following reasons.

The specs say it's a catadioptric. Sounds like it's a Newtonian with added lenses

to fit a longer focal length into a shorter tube. Some high end scopes have

similar, but with an entry level I think it's a bad idea, a clubmate had something

similar, he never got it collimated, in spite of help from folk who know what they

are doing.

It also states up to 500x mag with the 4mm plus barlow (alarm bells !!)

The eyepieces should be interchangeable between scopes.

Sorry to be putting a damper on this, but if it were me, I'd stick with

what you already have.

Best regards, Ed.

Edited by NGC 1502
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