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SPAM Attack


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It appears that this 'Cindy' spammer has been doing the rounds on other forums as well, not just SGL.

Suffice to say this person has been banned and we are checking the integrity of the forum at the moment.




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I would also like to apologise on behalf of SGL for any offence caused by this message.

I have sent a message to all members with a message that they will hopefully read before the CINDYSTAR one.


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Hi everyone,

I am currently on a weeks holiday but had a call earlier from my dad who got sent one of these messages.

Luckily I've got a way of getting online via my mobile phone, its pretty damn slow but I've checked the database, the user Cindystar simply registered as a normal member and then sent multiple pms with the spam message. These pms have been delete from the system, you will still have the email that is automatically sent so please beware.

To stop this happening in the future we have implemented a number of steps, firstly new registration have to enter a visual verification code, this stops automated registrations. Secondly, in order to send pms, you must have posted at least 10 times. This stops people registering and sending pms straight away it also gives mods/gms/admins a chance to check new registrations and ensure they are valid.

We sincerely apologise for this incident, its a known problem on forums, fortunately up until this point, our forum has been small enough to fly under the radar of most spammers and other online annoyances, looks like hitting the 500 mark also makes us big enough for these people.

Rest assured the whole of the mod/gm/admin team are working very hard to put measures in place to protect our members, we need you guys to be vigilent too and report any suspicious posts or members so that we can investigate.

Anyways, I need to log off before my girlfriend kills me, its meant to be a computer free holiday!!

Many apologies again everyone,

Kindest Regards,


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All the efforts of the mods are appreciated by all who regularly use this forum.....I know for one if it wasnt here I wouldnt be where I am now.




Square eyed

Some sort of compulsive obsession disorder

.....you all know what I mean :)

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