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Looking for Skywatcher 12" Dob base levelling mods


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For any Dob users know that when setting up any Dob telescope for a good nights viewing. There many problems faced when setting-up. Like most instructional manuals tell you:

"position the telescope on level ground"

However for most dob users, that's simply not the case, esspecially when my garden looks like WW1 trench at the moment!!

Levelling my telescope on level ground is real pain?? :icon_salut:

Is anyone as any ideas or plans for making a special bracket or similar which the telescope can be levelled easily.

However I've recently bought the telescope and I'm not too keen on fixing screws on the base of my telescope.

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ps. i forgot to tell you i have a 10" DOB, i made a base out of plywood and drew a 360' degree circle on it and put leveling legs on it i put it on the ground then level it face it north then a plonk the dob on it works a treat and its simple to make,, have fun..

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