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Megrez90 Focuser help


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A few years ago I was a little careless with my Megrez90 and it rolled off a chair :( It landed on the micro focuser, and while it still worked it lacked something of its original smoothness:rolleyes: .

This wasn't too much of an issue with visual, but now I'm using it for photography (particularly solar) the lack of precision is proving problematic. So what should I do? :icon_salut:

Ideally I'd like something which can be switched easily between manual and autofocus, but this might prove too expensive!

So what would people recommend:

- for purely manual focus

- for automated focus



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I have recently installed the LakesideAstro focuser to my Megrez 90 and I am very impressed with it. I can focus far more accurately than I ever could manually, e.g. fine focus as filters change. The motor attaches in place of the coarse focus knob. I have attached a few photos of the installed focuser for info. I can recommend it.







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