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skywatcher 130p help wanted please


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I am totally new to astronomy and I have just purchased a skywatcher130p synscan from first light optics, who I have to say have been very helpful!!!

I would very much appreciate any help or advice any members have for me.

Since my purchase only a week ago I have only had about an hour of clear skys. I managed to see the moon through all magnifications which was very impressive and very clear!

I also observed Jupiter through all magnifications the moons were very clear; however the detail on Jupiter itself was very hazy to say the least and in fact I'm not sure if some of it wasn't down to more of my imagination!

I have purchased baader solar film from first light optics and as usual Martin was very helpfull in his advice to me.

I cannot wait to see my fist observations of the sun!!!

I intend to use the cap that is on the 130p which has a cap that comes off by which I should be able to attach the solar film.

Anyway any advice from any 130p owners on any of the above would be much appreciated

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Hi Jean-luc,

and welcome to SGL. As you are new to Astronomy, you will be pleased to hear that viewing will get better, it dose take a little time to get your eye in, but you will notice after a couple of months that you will begin to see more detail than you can at the moment.

Also, it is worth getting your hands on an old circular black plastic 35mm film canister, if you do not have one ask around, usually someone you know will have one tucked away. This you can use as a collimation tool, by cutting the base off and poking a hole in the lid through the conveniently placed moulding nipple, which is dead centre. You will notice it fits in the focuser just right.

Even if you feel you lack the confidence to collimate by yourself initially, you will at least be able to see if the scope is in alignment, this may explain at least some of the haziness of Jupiter, but as others have mentioned, it could have been down to many other factors.

If you can find a Astro club near you, or ask if anyone on the forum lives near you, they will be happy to show you the collimating ropes so to speak. There is also plenty online about collimating a reflector, just google “telescope collimating”, and you will find something that seems intuitive to you.

Good luck with your viewing and clear skies.

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With respect, you've posted this in multiple forums, I am sure you'll get help, but in future, maybe just post the request once

Hi yes, i am sorry and do appologise!!!

My girlfreind was very angry with me.!

My only defence is i genuenly had no idea about how these thread thing work as i have never used one before.

I did try to delite the other threads but i was unable to do so.

Sorry again!!!

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