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gave up on the scope tonight.


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not happy with alignment yet again.... im getting very frustrated with this.

So the Canon has a 18-55 sat on the EQ6 taking 6 min shots.

Ill be playing with these later.

How many people manage to get good polar alignment with a tripod on the lawn?

Oh and someone turn the moon off please :)

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I used to get it down to about 4 to 5 mins with no trails on the tripod on the lawn. Now it's pier mounted I want it locked down to 20 mins as a minimum..Abitious yes, achievable...I'll let you know. I'm doing it now on 'Drift aligning Question'

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Unguided exposure means you will see the Periodic Error of your mount (EQ6 typically +/- 20 arc-seconds). Essentially, every 8 minutes your mount advances and retards by that PE. 3 minutes is a large fraction of 8, so it's almost certain that all your exposures will suffer from this. To get drift error comparable to 20 arc-seconds in 3 minutes you'd have to have a PA error of about 2 arc-minutes. So there's no point getting your PA much more accurate than that as you'll be hit from PE more than you'll be hit from PA.

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