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Good, solid, smooth, Alt-Az mount wanted ...


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Having read Gordon's very useful review of the Ambermile Aztech Alt/Az mount I have decided that I'd like to get something like this to put on top of my wonderful Tele-Optic ash tripod to carry my ED100 and / or my ED80. The tripod top the EQ5 / HEQ5 mounts and the north alignment "lug" can be removed so I think it would be compatible with the Ambermile mount. The Tele-Optic tripod extends to 1m 62cm tall so there should be no need to stoop too much.

While I'm thinking about it I've looked at the other similar mounts which seem to be the Bray Tablet Mount and the Tele-Optic Giro both of which are in a similar price range (the Bray is a little more expensive I think). The Astro Engineering AZTech Manhattan mount also looks interesting but I'm not sure that it could be altered to fit on the Tele-Optic tripod - it seems to come with it's own aluminumn or wood tripod - and it's a lot cheaper than the others so I'm assuming not so rugged.

I wonder if I've missed any candidates here ? (excluding the Synta AZ-3 which I've got - I'm looking for a taller and much heavier duty mount). Anoy other thoughts on the options would be welcomed.



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Theres the EZ-Touch from AYO(WO), the UA Microstar stuff and one or two more. The Aztech is probably the best for the capacity/price though. Although the Eztouch is much lighter and more portable.

I might have an Aztech for sale soon John second hand if you are interested, need to sell my ED80 first though

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