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Focal Reducer


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Yes - it should increase the FOV, shorten the exposure time and reduce the magnification. But one word of caution. I and a friend both have Meade 6.3 focal reducers and LX90's. Neither of us can achieve focus on our LX90's using the FR - not enough forward focus. Haven't figured out how to get round this problem yet. problem goes away when a Barlow is also used - but then not much point on having both in the light path, is there.

Any ideas how the problem is solved???


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Are you using a diagonal between the FR and the EP? The amount of reduction that you get from a FR depends on the distance between the EP or camera and the FR. This has a significant effect on where the focus point is as well.

With my Skywatcher Newt. and modified webcam, I had to cut down the nosepiece to move the FR closer to the chip in order to reach focus.

Captain Chaos

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