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Old Intes-Micro Alter 150/1500 f/10 Maksutov-Cassegrain Identification Help

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If you look at :

Telescope's accessories

and copy the picture into a paint program and zoom in on the picture

the item to the right of the cheshire in the picture ( at the bottom) looks

like the top part of the setup at the back above what might be the illuminated

guide rectangle.


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Hi all, 

This is a strange first post but I'm bumping this up as I have the opportunity to buy an identical scope. I see Mr Julius hasn't posted for two years, did anyone know him personally that could ask him what his experiences with it were?

Here's some pics. I'm actually a beginner. Would something like this be putting me in way over my head?








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Welcome to the forum.

They are very fine scopes when properly sorted. The pictures show one that may be fine or it may not. If there are any issues with it getting them sorted could prove pretty difficult because they are not produced any more (as far as I know) and there are very few owners out there.

Unless you have some previous experience of scopes of this design I would recommend considering something more mainstream.

It might help if you could introduce yourself in a new thread and outline your interests in the hobby so that some suggestions of equipment that might suit you can be made.

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Hi John,


Thanks for your reply, I will get an introductory post up soon :)


With regards to this scope, I'm going to try and get more info.... I've contacted the original vendor and if I can get it at a price that I feel comfortable losing if it all goes wrong I'll give it a go. It could turn out to be a great deal. I'm very intrigued after reading this post and some others on the scope.


I look forward to getting more involved in the forum :)




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