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Hi all

Are you finding that plane contrails are getting more of a problem

As my closet airport is a good 70miles away (Gatwick) planes was not on my list of observing problems such as light pollution etc although I am not under any sort of low level flight path I seem to be under a high level one

I only noticed because I have been out observing the almost full moon and because the sky is quite bright I could not believe the amount of contrails up there although I don't hear the planes there is always around a dozen or so but the annoying thing is they just don't seem to dissipate and stretch for the whole length of visible sky and just get wider and wider some seem to get to the width of around 3 or 4 full moons

While I was also looking at Jupiter I was able to watch the effects as they slowly drifted across my target and it did diminish my views somewhat


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Interesting link never realized there was so much conspiracy and speculation theories behind them

The only reason I bought it up is I sure at one time they used to dissipate quite quickly but now they just seem to stay there to the point that when a few have appeared and built up it is almost like thin cloud cover everywhere


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