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Notebook jacket?

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I'm thinking on a DIY idea and wondering is there sense to invest time in it. Will be very thankful to hear your opinions!

My notebook is IBM/Lenovo X60 and in the field I use an extended battery (not an original one) that should be enough for 3.5-4 hours. In the last session the temperature dropped to around 11C and I think that total run was around 2.5h with minimal load, and consumption optimized for max battery life, including lowest brightness in the most of the time.

Also I have thin styrofoam with metal folio form the one side that is dedicated to be mounted behind wall heaters to reflect the heat back to the room. Both are kind of flexible.

I'm wondering if there will be good effect to stack 2-3 layers of this folio and to make a "jacket" that covers the bottom of the notebook, the battery (from all sides) and most of the display back? The winter is coming and I'm afraid that will get shorter battery runs because of the lower temperatures...

I'm lucky that there is only one small incoming vent very close to the left side (which will remain open) and no out-going vents on the bottom.

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Just don't make it too tight. The notebook still needs to breathe... ;-)

Need to find the balance between too cold and overheating....

Install something like Speedfan and watch the temperatures during the first few runs...

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The plan is to remain both incoming and outgoing vents open, but to save as much as possible heat in the battery... Don't want to risk to burn the birthplace of APT :)

If I mange to get some time during the weekend will make photos on the progress..

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hmmm, I just re-read your idea. For some reason I thought you wanted to cover the whole notebook and build like a box around it...

I see now (that I'm a little more awake) that this wouldn't make sense as you'd probably want to use the notebook still .. ;-)

So you only want to cover the bottom of the notebook and the back of the display? Heat rises up, so I'm not sure how much difference insulation on the bottom would make. But since you have the materials anyway, it certainly is worth a try. ;-)

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