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Little Imaging Project I am working on - with ESO


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Thank you, but I think you guys have done most of the hard work..

Interestingly all this is leading me to totally new areas...

Must get my backside into gear and sort out a PhD one day.. my wife keeps popping kids out which seems to block that though...lol

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Thanks TJ, for sure that's the way I am heading. The comet side is good too, currently tracking and reporting on 3 comets (103P/10P/Garradd), this with ESO, and another project with NASA/SWIFT came up this week, which I have been running test images on.

One thing is to always look at the raw image data, using tools like astrometrica for blinking the frames, you never know what will be in them, (like asteroids etc)

Was also mulling using FT and my home setup for supernova hunting, basically taking regular images of a group of galaxies and seeing what if anything pops up....lots of ideas...time is the killer

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