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What is this object next to Vega?


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Caught this quite by accident while trying to focus using Vega. Looks like a planetary nebula looking at the symmetry. And by god, the symmetry is so beautiful!!

Anyone knows what its called? Tried googling for objects near vega, but to no avail. I am quite surprised that this object is not amoung the popular ones in Lyra. Why? Still confounded!

Scope: C8 Hyperstar

Camera: SXV-H16

Exposure: 300s X 8 subs





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Hmm dont think there is anything like that near or around Vega or Lyrae, could be wrong, but looks like a flare, or reflection to me. It looks 'too perfect' to be a natural object (IMO)

Like i said though, i could be wrong and someone may correct me :)


**Everyone beat me to it!**

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Ohhh busted then!!! And I thought I had discovered a newly exploded planetary nebula ;):p

But an interesting pattern nevertheless. Wonder what could have caused it. There's a IDAS LPR filter in the train :)

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Nice try Vince. Just don't let the E.T. nuts get a look at it.

More worrying to my eye is the smear in the bottom left corner. Have you touched the Hyperstar with your fingers ? Less worrying if it turns out to be the filter.


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Aliens! I can't believe you've not all realised this. Clear as a bell - that's a spaceship. Try another shot tonight and it will be gone (moved on.) Proof of extra-terrestial life if ever there was any.

Actually, if you take another shot and its still there, be worried - that means they're watching YOU.


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