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Care of a Big-ish Scope

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Hi Everyone,

I've been into Astronomy for a long time (since I was about 8) and I've owned a few telescopes over the years, the largest of which was a 5" Celestron SCT (which was a great telescope).

Since I've had more time to get back into the hobby lately, I decided to splash out and buy myself a "big" telescope, the kind that I've always wanted to have -- so I now own a Celestron CPC 800 :).

I've been absolutely delighted with the scope so far and I'm really looking forward to the long dark nights!


I want to ask for some advice from owners of similar sized telescopes how they take care of theirs, especially in terms of storage and transport. I can't keep it permanently set up and I have to pack it into the car to take it out of town when I want to do some observing.

Obviously this is very big and very heavy compared to what I've been used to!

I suppose I'm most concerned about the constant packing and unpacking and car travel -- how does the scope stand up to frequent transportation? How do you store your scopes, inside the house, or in a box in the shed (does it matter!)? Is there anything I should watch out for after a while? My last scope had a spot in the wardrobe where it hid nicely until needed -- this one isn't so discreet:) (not that I'm complaining!).

I hope to get many years of enjoyment from my shiny new scope, so any advice to help me improve its care would be very welcome.



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I keep mine on top of a sturdy filing cabinet in the dining room with a cover over it. The tube allways points down but I set it at a shallow angle when I bring it in from outside in case of condensation - keeps the corrector clear when as it warms up.

Travelling is no prob - I strap it securely into the back seat with both clutches just at pinch point so any bumps or sudden braking allows it to move a little and not destroy collimation or damage the mirrors/corrector.

I've taken it to Kelling and back (to Leicester) 4 times - and 15 miles to/from our dark site once or twice a month every winter in 2 yrs. I've never recollimated it - if it needs it you wouldn't know as the views are still spot on.

Just so long as it doesn't get any sharp jolts and it rides on a soft padded seat you'll have no trouble :)

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Brantuk gives good advice, if you want to be "super" safe then JMI do custom cases which are fitted out for CPC800's. They are expensive and do take up a fair bit of room.

I have one for my C11, but the case itself was £500 so it's a pricey accessory but it is designed to be air transportable as well as car and super safe in the garage!!


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I have a multitude of scopes. They are stored like this....

8" Reflector - big heavy beast. It gets transported in a scope bag bought from Geoptik and it lives in a rather elegant antique pine blanket box in a corner of the flat. The blanket box looks like this pic below.

TAL 100RS - 4" refractor sits on an original TAL wooden tripod in the corner oif the lounge as a conversation piece. Is usually transported in a scope bag.

Polarex 70mm - 1970s vintage telescope, has its own original wooden case and sits on top of a bookshelf.

Mak-180 (similar in tube size to your CPC 800) sits in its original packing box in the bottom of a wardrobe.

So long as the scope is kept dry it will be fine. All of mine have silica bags in their storage to keep them dry.

All my additional hardware - eyepieces, mounts, power supplied etc are scattered all over in various places.


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