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M31 Andromeda Galaxy


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This is my first guided M31. The guiding wasn't quite right (but I think I know what happened - long story).

Also still struggling with processing, but was quite pleased with this nonetheless, it's all learning. Tried to reduce the core with shorter subs but not managed to do that as yet.

This is the first image I have done since I had my Canon DSLR modified, not sure whether it would have made any difference to this paticular object.

17.9.2010 (Waxing gibbous moon, but had mostly sunk behind the trees by the time I started this).

1hr 35 mins of 5min subs, + darks, flats, dark flats and bias.

Canon DSLR Modded EOS 450D

WO Megrez doublet 72 APO on CG5 GT mount

Captured in Canon Utility and processed in DSS and PS.

I want to add more subs to this (or even re-do it with better guiding).


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seems to be a bit of noise creeping in

Yes this seems to happen to my images. I don't know whether it is overprocessing or something else. Maybe I need more than 1 1/2 hours which I am hoping to do.

I've also been told that leaving live view on (DSLR) can cause overheating and I might well have done this without realising. Must check next time.

Any thoughts on this.


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