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Big star reduction.

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There are various ways to do this but I have just had a play with an old Rosette and re-done the central cluster stars.

I did each one in its own fearthered marquee and used the minimum filter to shrink them. This makes them horribly distorted so then I shrank the selection to close around the star and used radial blur set to best quality and spin. I then opened up the selection and adjusted colour balance to get them to blend. This kind of jiggery pokery may not be your thing but I quite like the result myself, I think.



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I take the lazy approach. I have Noel Carboni's actions. The "make stars smaller" action is good but sometimes not as selective as I want. Therefore I run it multiple times on a new layer until the star(s) in question are the right size and then use a mask to just show them. The advantage is that this can be run a number of times until the size and effect is just right.


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So do I, Paul, but big stars need much more than they get from Noel, I find. I use his action on general field stars much as you do but, for eg, those of the Rosette central cluster really need hacking down to size.

Monsters like Alnitak I do quite differently, applying partial stretches in successive Layers.

I do find Noel's Actions outstandingly useful. I regularly use the Local Contrast Enhance, too.


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