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Jupiter 2nd attempt - SPC880


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Hi all,

Had a 2nd go at Jupiter last night, leaving it until around 1-2am when it was a reasonable distance from the closest street light. After being dissapointed with my first attempt, i took on board all of the advice everybody gave me and tried again.

Here is the best that i could get with a 3 minute video at 10fps using a SW 200p Dob, SPC880(SPC900), 2x barlow and a Baader Neodymium filter.


Took the video using Sharpcap, stacked using Registax, and cropped in Photoshop.

Does anyone have any advice on what i could do to help enhance the image?


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I went through each frame and deselected blurry ones where i was centring Jupiter in the frame as i have to manually track it.

Apart from those, i set the quality to 90% of the best frame i could find.

Do you think i should be even more selective when choosing the frames to stack then?

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very gud result

looks slightly burned out in middle of planet

this is easily done either on capturing with too much gain or

on processing when adjusting brightness and contrast

still great image tho

think best to stack 800-1000 best frames if poss that way quality of frames will be better



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good capture, two moons in there also, just watch you don`t over do it with the wavelet`s as i gives a more natural feel i think,

there`s alot of stuff to tweek i find in registax, might be a better program if it was alittle less complicated for the beginner

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The conditions were fluctuating a bit and the image was getting dark and then really bright so it was difficult to get it right.

I will have a go at redoing the video tomorrow. I will be more picking as to which frames to stack and will try to weed out the ones that seem to have too much gain.

I agree. I think i overdid it on the wavelets so i will have a play around with that too.

Is there anything that i can do to it in Photoshop to help enhance it further?


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unsharp mask and or sharpening may help depending on wavelets used

u can tweak colours and or brightness levels using levels or curves which may help

noise reduction and despeckle can also be used and also blur if needed

generally most people say less processing is best

altho hard heavy processing can bring out lots of detail aswell

best to underdo than overdo

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