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the pelican nebula


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this is 2 hours worth of data at 5 min subs i have used 65 darks 100 bias and 70 flats to try and combat the banding, but after speaking to garry honis he thinks it is not noise banding so i don't know what it is maybe i shuold go the other way and increase the exposer times. as they are under exposed even on a 10 min sub with the clsccd astronomik clip filter. it is a brutal filter maybe this is why i'am getting the banding?


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Amazing! I really like this image. What scope/f-ratio did you use? Have you tried a 5 minute sub without the filter just to compare? I also don't remove separate bias as I understand the darks contain the bias signal (I may be wrong! :))

It's a truely beautiful image with loads of detail.


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Nice picture you have captured, try not using the bias frames and restack, btw I use the cls ccd clip filter but that does its job all be it at an increase in exposure times.

What stacking parameters have you set?

I also don't think you need so many darks/flats etc I go for around 25 and that should work ok.

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hi pete if you could what exposer time do you go for i did go for tem min subs but was getting the banding then so i tried going for 5 mins but still banding. so i decided to increase the dark i stacked and it did help alot but it is still just visiable. the stacking parameters i use the lights kappa sigma clipping, darks median and flats median and bias at median

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