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Hello from North East Scotland


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Hello all, thought I would take the plunge and introduce myself after a few days lurking.

Complete novice here but got the bug after moving to the country about 30 miles north of Aberdeen from the city last year. With dark skies and little light pollution I soon found myself standing in the garden just looking up for hours at a time.

Currently looking at buying my first scope although it is very hard not to get too carried away while at the same time spending enough to get a decent setup that will fuel my interest.

Seems to be a wealth of information at SGL so will return to the scope review section and try and make a decision.

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Hi Malx,

A very warm welcome to SGL, if you have nice dark skies, consider starting with bino`s to acquaint yourself with the night sky, download Stellarium to help you along the way, visit your local library for books on Astronomy, you may then have more of an idea of what you want in the way of a telescope at some future date.


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Thanks for the welcomes. As suggested I did equip myself with some binos. Then we had some dire weather so not been able to use them in anger for any great length of time.

I've ordered a book or two so i can go out and understand what I'm looking at.

I did get a long term borrow of a telescope from a family member who didn't use theirs so i have been out and looked at the moon as well as Jupiter.

I just fancy something of my own.

Let's hope the weather improves......

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Hi Malx and welcome to the forum. I would agree and support all those comments that suggest looking through some gear first as it gives a good indication what you get for your money and more importantly, what you will see.

Clear skies for those binos!!


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Thanks all, certainly a friendly bunch :)

I just wish we would get a round of clear skies. This rain gets very boring so just have to plod around in Stellarium to get a glimpse of what we're missing I guess.

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