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Telescope for a Canon 7D and magnification


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I've come into astrophotography from photographing wildlife and would appreciate some input on magnification etc. I hate to crop images at all and I'm wondering if there are any visual references to the size of objects like Andromeda using DSLRs, like the Canon 7D (crop sensor) or 5D MkII (ff sensor) and a range of scopes without the image being cropped at all i.e. the true FoV.

I see some stunning images on this forum but I realise that once captured they are of little use other than posting onto the web because of the small pixel count and would like to capture some hi-resolution images that could be printed to a good size.

The scope would be mounted on a EQ5 GEM with, at the moment, just the Ra drive.

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Have a google for a program called CCDCalc, it will allow you to select what camera and what scope and then show you a bunch of images with your fov shown for the equipment that you have selected, if your equipment isnt listed you can manually enter everything that is needed and then save it all as a new piece of equipment.

I use this program alot to help with purchasing new equipment.


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