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doesnt even begin to cover tonights debacle...

Planned this evenings observing down to a tee, forecast a nice clear evening, then it just went wrong from there...

My initial obs point near a coastguard lookout has been ruined with the addition of a huge security light fitted to the front of the building which the coastguard now leaves on permanantly :)

Drove to my new dark sky site, unpacked and set up... no sooner had i put the ep in a stiff breeze blew up from no-where buffeting the scope so badly i couldnt even view the moon!

Packed up swearing and came home... very very disappointed :)

Thought id salvage the evening with a nice glass of red wine and what do you know the blinkin stuff has turned to vinegar! Someone somewhere is telling me to go to bed!

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It's three bad things per day, isn't it?

Oh great...:):)

Those security lights breed like rabbits. I can imagine your frustration, Llamanaut, as that was one of your favourite sites, wasn't it?

It's a good reminder for people to have back-up sites when out and about...

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