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Sunspot combo


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Thanks All :)

Steve & Phil -

Nice animation (of course I don't mind) 8)

I used ND 5 film. I find this works an absolute treat with the ED80. Haven't got round trying the ND 3.8, though I would imagine it's very good. What I'd really like to do is get a Baader Herschel Wedge and use that with the ED80 ( a marriage made in heaven methinks )


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Gaz, Phil,

Baader do two versions of its Solar Film: ND5 and ND3.8.

ND3.8 is lower density and designed for solar projection and photography only.

If used Visually, serious eye damage will result!!!!

(I don't list it on FLO's site for fear of someone ordering the wrong one by mistake! But I can supply it)

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Yes, thanks Steve. You can never be too careful when it comes to solar work, one mistake is too many!

I get nervous doing visual (even though I go through a 'flight check' looking for pinpricks, loose connections etc) so much so that generally, the only time I ever look at sunspots is via a laptop (hence the interest in ND 3.8)


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