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Shropshire Tonight


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Sorry this is very last minute, but just spotted that Dr Alan Longstaff ("Ask Alan" in Astronomy Now mag) is going to be giving a talk and running an planet observing session tonight 8pm until midnight at Cardingmill Valley. £6.50 includes soup. Bring binoculars. Telescopes available.

You have to ring up to book 01694 722631, don't think you can just turn up. Just booked my place. Looks like it will be a clear night too.

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Dagnabbit, I did enquire about this sometime back, but the organiser said it wasn't really "geared" for kids. I then forgot about it, then you've just reminded me.

Trouble is, we've just returned from a long day trip - and the sprogs are tired!! :)

Have a great time. :)

Hmmm, I might give them a ring.

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Sam, as people started to drift outside to the telescopes, were you talking about how it wasn't as dark as at home? It was a bit basic but still entertaining and Alan was a good speaker.

There was someone there with a red light head torch blinding everyone. She was saying, "don't worry, it won't affect your dark adaptation, that's why it is red". But it was seriously bright and was clearly blinding everyone except her.

They are doing another one in December for anyone interested. Would be good for kids. There was also a leaflet for a free lecture about Titan. In Shrewsbury, on Friday night 22nd October. Ticket only but free. Leaflet said to contact mandybailey22 at googlemail

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Sam, as people started to drift outside to the telescopes, were you talking about how it wasn't as dark as at home?

:) Think that was me, yeah! And it's true! Wish you'd said hello, mind you, I'm to blame too - there was a chap that emerged from the centre who looked a bit like Julian (if I can remember from a previous avatar) but I didn't want to embarrass meself....:icon_eek:

To the SGL admin team; we need some sort of SGL badge - I can wear it to meetings such as these! (To advertise the forum and as a secret code to other members! :))

I was surprised at the high level of LP from Church Stretton...it was partially cloudy, so I imagine the reflectivity was high. I want to go back on a darker, moonless night to see HOW dark it gets there...

I was surprised at the observation location; the far end car park would have been a MUCH better place to observe in, with more space and more shielding from car lights and the town light pollution. It was only a short walk.

It was incredibly heart-warming to see a packed house and people of all ages. It would have been good if the Mr Longstaff made reference to different types of telescopes instead of saying that "all telescopes need to be aligned with the Pole star", as there were a lot of beginners present, therefore turning it into a sort of outreach session.

There was the usual mix-up of New Age philosophy and science though a question that got everyone squirming with embarrassment, hehe...

We went home after hanging around by the telescopes, as it was very busy - there were a lot of new folks who wanted to get a gander at Jupiter's GRS. And we were shattered from a long day out tramping around the Welsh hills.

Those red lights WERE blinding!!

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Ah, I had no idea that you were going to be there else I'd have suspected it was you. I was hoping they had a dob to play with as I have never tried one.

It was a fairly rubbish spot with all the cars passing, but they were only really interested in Jupiter.

It wasn't you during the atom experiment was it :)

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