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The extension works a treat !!

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The extension arrived from FLO today.

Extending the Mount another 8 inches up from full extended Tripod has made a Massive difference in the comfort for me.

Im using my Revelation D80 on there atm taking some dumbbell images.. oh the automation joys of EOS tools.

Alignment and calibration was so much easier with the scope higher, and the Polar scope is now not a hands and knees affair.

Only bad side.

My Polar Alignment sucks tonight, i can just about get 30 seconds iffy at that.

I really need to get this Polar alignment in the bag.

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Those mount extensions are wonderful things. I got one from the Widescreen Centre a while back to use with my Revelation Spotting Scope on an AZ4 mount. Shame they're so heavy though - but at least they don't compromise the robustness of the scope.

My one requires a spanner to fit it to the mount.

Can your one be attached by hand?

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I've got a EQ5/4/HEQ5 extension sitting in the garage which hasn't been used in ages. It was great when I needed it, and was equally great as a useful extension for a Vixen mount with some extra holes drilled into it. Nice robust extra for getting that extra bit of height.

Right now it's just taking up space, I should probably stick it on the for sale page as it's not required for my use any more, one slightly abused but still working extension anyone?

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