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Problem with colour using Imaging Source Camera

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Looking for some help with a problem of missing colour.

At the end of August I was playing around trying to capture a Jupiter image using my C6 SCT, 2x barlow and Imaging Source DBK21 with a UV-IR filter. Data captured using IS IC Capture software.

Seeing was not great (at least the real-time image looked very wobbly to me), but I thought I'd give it a go. Captured a few videos and left it til yesterday to process.

I fed it through Registax, and then messed around in PS to yield the image shown.

My question is, where did the colour go?

From memory there was some colour in the live-view whilst I was capturing, but when I fed it into Registax, there was no visible colour in the video, none on inspecting in Media Player, and none to be pulled out in PS.

I had ticked colour on the Registax control bar and tried selecting de-bayer under options.

What am I doing wrong?

Recording with the wrong codec?

Using the wrong Registax settings?

Using the wrong kind of filter?

Not getting enough exposure?

Any ideas?

I like the image as a first attempt, but I was expecting some colour.




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