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Sorry it has taken me a couple of days to introduce myself. My name is Ian, live near Chorley, Lancs.

I own a SW 150P Newt on an EQ6 running EQMOD. I am interested in observing but am just getting into the astrophotography side of things utilising a Canon 450D.

I had been aware of SGL and had read bits and bobs on here but mainly frequented a couple of other astro forums (S@N and UKAI).

I became drawn into SGL after seeing a link on UK Astronomy Buy and Sell for cheap SPC880NC webcams from Morgans. I promptly purchased 2 off, flashed one of them and am just waiting for the nose-piece to arrive from Wayne Weedon.

May not use it anytime soon but seem to have been caught up in the frenzy to obtain some of these webcams - not really quite sure why but jumped on the bandwagon anyway. I’m sure I will have some questions on quite how to use it.



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