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Hi from Spain


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Hi Everyone,

I have been following events on the forum for about a year now,

so thanks to everyone for the tips/facts I have picked up already.

I am based close to Vera, Almeria, in Spain.

Working mainly from home, for a UK company based in Manchester, I do travel about a bit too.

I served 23 years in the army, in REME and then spent 5 years teaching in Oman.

While there I bought a Celestron C5 on manual EQ mount and have never lost the interest since.

I Moved back to UK for 5 years and then out to Spain 5 years ago where I replaced the C5

with a Celestron 102 wide view which I used mainly my DSLR (40D)

for birding, C5 was too hard to hand hold !

Last month I purchased a CGEM1100, in UK, and finally

got it out here, so just getting to grips with the setup.

Still waiting for the correct adapter for the hyperstar though

as it was supplied with the wrong one so I can’t reach focus at the moment with it.

I am told it will ship today, but that was the story last week too !

Anyway I’m looking forward to being a member of SGL.



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Hi Bob,

I'd love one but at the moment we are hoping to

move to somewhere near here but a bit darker.

So at the moment I am setting up everynight !

Takes about 45 mins to be aligned and ready.

I take the mount/tripod out first then a large

"Stanley" wheeled toolbox with most other gear followed

by the scope, netbook & cameras.

At least i'm getting more exercise than usual !

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