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Quality of Barlows

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In defence of the Tal, I am not criticising them in any way, shape or form. They certainly do what they are supposed to do, and do it very well. I have just not used any other barlows to know whether my viewing experience would be enhanced by using them with the premium EP's. Thanks.

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The Tal is good value for money but a Celestron Ultima or TV Barlow controls light scatter better and has better contrast.

I have an Ultima and TV 2x and 2.5x Powermates and agree with the above ... the Tal may be better than similarly priced barlows but it certainly isn't the best on the market. I did once have a TV 2x "Big Barlow" and it was poor ... my point being that neither price nor brand name are a guarantee of excellence.

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I have two Meade Series 5000 TeleXtenders (2x and 3x, similar to TV Powermates) which I use mainly for planetary imaging. They are also excellent in combination with the 14mm UWA. I do not know the TAL Barlows, but one way to find out is to test them against more upmarket Barlows at a star party, just ask anyone with an expensive Barlow whether you can have a look (after all, we all like to show off our equipment;)).

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I am pleased with my Tal 2x but i wouldn't say it is any better than similiar priced barlows. Certainly the Japanese Antares 2x i had was at least a match and a couple of quid cheaper too. Also surprised the Meade #126 Achro gave an image on a par with the Tal.

But none were as good as the Ultima, Orion Shorty Plus or TV 2x. And then the Powermate 2.5x was a cut above again.

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