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Jupiter rotation through 11.09 - 12.09 night


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Yesterday I've got quite clear night with quite good seeing. Quite as there was quite high humidity and fog was slowly rising. The advantage of this weather was no wind and steady air. At the end of imaging the seeing was starting to fall as Jupiter was setting in-line with my balcony and few other buildings.

f/20, Jupiter rotation in RGB and IR-RGB 11.09 - 12.09:




f/20, IR-RGB Drizzle 150%:



* Animation - Color f/20

* Animation - Color f/20 Drizzle 150%

* Animation - IR Pro Planet 742 f/20

* Animation - IR Pro Planet 742 f/20, Drizzle 150%

Rifts and activity in NEB:

Storms, ovals, and rifts in NEB are very active. It seems that the rift got bigger compared to Anthony image taken nearly two weeks ago. In the infrared channel it looks like there is a connection with the zones above and below the NEB. SEB is still sleepy.




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