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New Sky Watcher Explorer 200P and EQ5

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Hi all,

I have moved away from my "welcome" post now :-)

I have erected the scope in the garden. But I struggled working it all out.

The tripod is white and circular tubes, whereas the one in the pdf's has rectangular legs, so I am not even sure that the tripod "goes" with the mount and scope?

We attached everything but we don't really know what we were doing. We don't really know how the eye piece attached, so tried one (I don't know how many we were supposed to "get" in the kit, but we have 2 empty black plastic circular things, that I guess are mounts for the eye pieces?

I have some pictures and I shall try to post them.

I will be loking for a youtube video on how to asssemble one of these scopes...


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Hello Sarah,

I've got a 200 on a HEQ5, slightly different to your mount, but not a million miles away......the tripod goes with the mount as far as I can see, it's the same tripod I have on mine...

When you talk about the circles for the eye pieces, are you referring to the section that screws under the tripod, with the main bolt that runs up and connects to the mount head?

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I need to put up some pics of the plastic things that I mention - these are black and appear to attach to the actual scope (the white part, where there is a lense already on my pic?) and then the lens goes into them. Sorry - my first scope and the only manuals are what someone on here has kindly posted on my "welcome" post. The boxes it shipped in did not come with a "checklist" so I don't even know if it came with all the lenses. I thought I was supposed to have a barlow lense, but it didn't.

I did get a tripod tray, but the pics above do not show it attached.

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  • 2 months later...

We do not think the scope came with the correct eye pieces (OVL have said it should have come with a 10mm and 25mm but all I have is a fat 28mm)

and the barlow looks half of it is missing (one side has 2 locking thumb screws and a cover that attaches - the other end has a screw thread with nothing on it?) It doesn't look like the pic in the link OVL have sent me.

I am resurecting this thread - just waiting for the camera battery to charge up (typical) and then I'll pop a pic of the lens/eye piece/barlow that I got.

I would have thought everything is standard. Just like computers, I am finding theres nothing standard about astronomy standards :-)


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