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Hello all,:eek:

I think I understand the polar alignment malarkey however I just have one concern.:)

When locking the RA index Screw, is this supposed to stop the RA Axis from moving freely? As I understand it you need to lock the RA screw to prevent the time Index from moving but doing this seems to stop the RA axis moving as well. I can move the RA axis without moving the time index but It just feels very unnatural as if I am putting too much force on something and it’s going to break.

Can someone tell me if this is normal, or maybe I am doing something wrong?

I am practicing inside just now and confirming I have Polaris in the correct position using polar finder and everything looks good there, just a bit concerned about this RA axis. :D

Thanks in advance B)


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Once you have achieved polar alignment and locked off the appropriate bolts, you then have to unlock each axis to manually move the scope to your desired target.

This should be a free movement.

The bolts that you tighten when polar aligned are at the bottom of the mount head where it meets the tripod.

The axis tightening levers or bolt heads will be about half way up the mount head on or near where the mount swivels to give you equatorial movement.

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Hi Jamie,

It is just the RA index screw that is giving me problems.

Basicaly when it is tightend it is difficult to move the RA axis. But following Astrobabys instructions you need to have this locked to zero when moving the RA axis which like i said makes it difficult as if it is scraping the polar scope as i turn the RA axis?

Does that make any sense to you?

Thanks again,


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ahhh never mind i have figured it out :D

It was with the CG5 mount there is an inserted bit where the RA index locking screw fits into however this is not where i would of put it it is just off a few millimetres from the zero mark but now i know where it is it doesn't interfere with the RA axis. :eek:

Seems a bit daft but oh well all is good now.



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