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Philips SPC880NC is now.......


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Mine's in the post too. Can't wait to get into imaging. Hours of fun - and possibly frustration!

I have not ordered a "IR/UV blocking filter" yet though. Is it a "need to have" or "nice to have" ?

Can anyone show me (or point me towards) images take with and without ?

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I have not ordered a "IR/UV blocking filter" yet though. Is it a "need to have" or "nice to have" ?

It is a definite requirement for a couple of reasons:

1. Without it, the ultraviolet and infrared parts of the spectrum are brought to different focus points which creates halos around stars and other objects (good quality reflecting scopes are the exception here I think, but using a filter still creates a slightly sharper image I think!).

2. It closes your webcam sensor off from the elements permanently, which stops dust accumulating on the sensor!

Morgans sell them for around £16 inc. p&p if I remember correctly.

Have fun with your cam, but as I say, I personally wouldn't use it until I had fitted the IR/UV filter.

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It's a good idea to cover the top of the adapter with a filter as stated to stop the sensor getting dust or moisture on it, you can use a clear filter but for a few pounds more you would be better getting a proper uv/ir filter. Cheaper ones seem to be as good as dearer ones

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Agreed. I like the second reason. Will get one after all.

I recall now that I used to have UV filter on my old 'analogue' SLR years ago and never saw a marked difference with/without it on, but I liked the fact it was a 'sacrificial' barrier protecting the main lens.

Cheers guys.

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On 12/09/2010 at 03:36, russ said:

Hi all,

I installed the camera first using the INF file from the Morgans site. The camera is recognised as a Toucam 750K.

I then followed the instructions for flashing a Toucam Pro II 840K to SPC900NC:

Philips SPC900NC uncovered


Download WcRmac and the SPC900NC binary file. Install WcRmac and then copy the SPC900NC binary file to C:\Program Files\TWIRG\WcRmac\binary\8116

Start WcRmac, click the webcam tab at the top, choose DS Interface, select the camera in the window and connect. Click the Binaries tab and you should see the SPC900NC binary you copied to the 8116 folder earlier. Click the 'Get current and save as' button to back up the current binary file. Then highlight the new SPC900NC binary and click on the 'Load into cam' button. Close the program once done. Unplug the webcam and install the SPC900NC driver:

SPC900NC/00 Philips Webcam SPC900NC VGA CCD with Pixel Plus - Philips Support

Plug in the cam, windows will find the device and installs. Job done!

But please follow the instructions on the other website as they know what they are doing.



Is this still possible? 11 years later?

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4 hours ago, Prador said:

No idea but a google search came up with this:


The second post links to a procedure that got a Toucam Pro II working. Seems overly complicated rather than buying a newer cam.

Thanks for sharing this info..

I agree.. so I just purchased the ZWO ASI224MC for planetary and guiding...


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8 hours ago, Thimitri said:

Hello everyone,

Is it still possible to load drivers for toucam pro II on windows 10?



No, the flash procedure can only be done on windows XP or windows 7, It will NOT work on windows 10

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I still have a flashed SPC880 > 900 :)

I did try selling it a year or so ago for the price they went for before becoming like hens teeth and had no takers....  I just hand on to it for nostalgia reasons these days :)

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