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Multiflex 250 auto questions

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Here are 3 questions for Multiflex Auto Tracking owners.

I have recently bought a 250 but I am not sure it is doing what it should.

1. The auto tracking only works when I centre the object using the right and up button ( facing East ) If I use the other 2, left & down it won't track the object and it slides out of view.

2. You are supposed to be able to move the Tube manually but when I do I hear the Gears turning, like a whirling sound.

3. It will not take the weight of a 2" EP when the tube is below 35o alt, it slowly lowers against the gears. I don't see how I could ever fit a DSLR to it.

These 3 things may be normal but it does not explain anything about these in the manual and the Supplier does not know either.

I hope someone can give me advice.



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1: Didn't see that in review period, but was also testing a prototype with the GOTO at the time, so apologies for not being able to give a better answer

2: Tube has got manual override, and you can hear it kind of "grinding" (almost squeaking on the GOTO one)

3: We had 2" Meade 5000 EP's on the 250 GOTO at SSP and pointing it pretty much everywhere in the sky...no issue at all

The bug in the GOTO we found on the night at SSP and since backed up at home was GOTO to solar system objects, told it to go to Jupiter and it was a mile off.., though every DSO was bang on the money...bug in OS methinks

Tracking though, couldn't be happier

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Robin, there is another thread on here which does go in to how to get it to track reliably, it's a long time since I had it (and also had the prototype GOTO stuff at the same point which I was testing for them), but people are getting them to track fine

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