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Oh well here we go


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Just finished re-installing XP pro on my acer 7738g. Fed up with too many problems with Windows 7. Must admit it was a Win64bit install but it would appear the local software guru's are 32bit orientated.

Should add it was 64 Win 7 I installed

Any one else had problems?

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The only problems I had were that all my kit is so old it wouldn't run it.

So back to XP [rant] although that is suffering from the constant bombardment of updates that include more and more code written for Windows 7 - so its getting slower and slower.

The final death of old kit will be HTML5 which will probably require 8THz processors to handle anything by the time all the lazy programmers have finished writing their web pages. Ho hum [/rant].

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I have heard of a few Windows 7 64bit compatibility issues, not sure if the people who asked me about them solved their issues.

I install Windows 7 32 bit version on Laptops and PC's on a daily basis and have not had any problems, they are new builds and no old software.

If you can I would try a 32bit install


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