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Jupiter and Io


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Because I need my beauty sleep, I did some early (relatively speaking) imaging of Jupiter on the 9th.

I was experimenting with different frame rates using my ATIK webcam and a 4 x Imagemate. Not entirely happy with the results but slowly getting there.

Can't get more than 30 fps with the ATIK but not sure if it would be worth investing in something like a DMK always assuming I could achieve 60 fps anyway with my current set-up.

Quite like the fact that I have got Io's progression though.

As always, click to biggerise.


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They are rather nice those Geoff, Good presentation, nice processing. And very pure colour balance. DMKs will produce artifacts at 60 fps on planets. Your best bet would be the DMK HAD chip mod Andy ellis is offering, though you will still be limeted to 30 fps other than that Luminera, Flea 3 prices

Anyone know if Andy has been away i had no reply to my Emails ?

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